Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising  is clearly about creating merchandising presentations that are exciting, captivating and engaging to the consumer.

Effective visual merchandising conveys the tone, voice and images of the brand, of the retailer and is the emotional connection with the customer. It is the Retail equivalent of “show business”.

We at RID, understand the strategic importance of outstanding visual merchandising and how to align visual merchandising with the timing, messaging of every marketing campaign.

We also understand and respect the incredible impact visual merchandising can have on driving the four key elements of store productivity:

Store traffic.


Average unit retail.

Units per transaction.

Our approach to visual merchandising is efficient on moving the needle for each of these key metrics.

We work closely with Clients to analyze the effectiveness of their visual merchandising techniques ranging from store planning to visual sight lines and spatial considerations, to point of sale signing to utilization of “Next Gen” visual merchandising technologies.

RID has also integrated visual merchandising variable techniques as part of its highly regarded and proven performance improvement.