Performance improvement

In addition to the establishment and launch of new businesses RID has also achieved several impressive successes in raising the productivity and profitability of existing operations.

RID is highly experienced in improving retail performance through consistently identified, tested and proven effective strategies and tactics which resulted in increasing store traffic, conversion of traffic to transactions, increase in average unit retail, and increase in number of units per transaction through  applying scientific changes in merchandise assortment, visual merchandising, and retail marketing.

Our results are measured scientifically which reflect directly on increased gross margin and the impressive results have served to incent our clients to roll out the proven retail performance improvement programs to other stores where substantial improvement has been achieved and sustained.

These business improvement tools and methods are customized for each client and designed to be practical and realistically integrated into the ongoing  management of the operation. Therefore, our projects not only produce short term results, but improved business processes for maximizing store productivity and profitability on an ongoing basis.

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